Since 1844....

A lot of people still remember Faber from the first gas stoves, but the company's history starts even a little before that. Already in 1844 Jan Gerrits Faber laid the foundation in the Frisian Franeker for the Faber we know today with the formation of a forge. The natural gas field in Slochteren resulted in the first large run on gas fires in the 1960's. Faber anticipated this with new products and techniques. In the years that followed Faber claimed the position of market leader for chimney stoves. Retailers and wholesalers sold these gas fires en masse. In 1996, Faber was the first to introduce the closed combustion technique, a technique that was later adopted by many other manufacturers.

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Faber introduces the I.T.C. App

Faber, market leader in gas fires, now offers you the I.T.C. app, a sophisticated electronic control app that works with a wireless enabled device to control all functions of the fire, monitor usage and gas consumption, give service reminders and provide the EcoBoost function. Eco Boost is additional to the normal usage functions of the fire and is a five-stage system that uses the Step Burner and high-low settings to save gas, lower the heat output and provide a dynamic flame picture. The ITC system is standard on the Triple XXL and 4Seasons fires and available at extra cost on the rest of Faber’s Premium fires with Step Burner. Fires equipped with the ITC are also supplied with a handset that controls the basic functions of the fire and acts as the room sensor for the thermostat.

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