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Outdoor gas fire TheMOOD

TheMOOD is a robust design outdoor fireplace of Corten steel.

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Gas Electric Wood

Unique electrical flames



Faber Opti-myst Flame-effect

You can’t take your eyes away!
The Opti-myst fire has put an end to the ‘flat flame effect’ of electric fires. Faber has developed a three-dimensional flame effect along with smoke creation. Never before has an electric fire burned so realistically.

Just power and water required.
A water reservoir, 5-8 50-Watt (12 volt) bulbs and 1 or 2 evaporators create revolutionary flames, which cannot be distinguished from the real thing. When the 1.3-litre reservoir is full, the fireplace will burn for 8-10 hours. The ultra-fine water mist that is released will benefit the level of humidity in your home.

User friendly.
You can install electric fires wherever you wish. Simply ‘plug and play’. They are environmentally friendly, simple to use and safe for children’s hands. However real it may appear to be, the fire does not become hot.

Opti-myst Slimline.
In addition to our current range, Faber introduces a “Slimline” Opti-myst fire very shortly. This new fire/product has the same advantages as the current Opti-myst products but is even more handy to install, because of its hanging facilities/equipment. The key-words ‘plug-and-play’ are
there for surely applicable. Besides all these great features, the Slimline Opti-myst has a built-in fan with adjustable capity (2 kW).


Opti-flame effect

The patented electrical “flame technology” gives an adjustable and realistic flame effect. With the remote control the flame can be adjusted easily. In the “optiflame technology” we use the newest LED techniques to make it seem that the logset is really burning.

Electric fires are not available in the United Kingdom.